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Ambeent AI assistant provides faster and smart connection experience.

Get the most of your existing Wi-Fi with 1 tap.

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How does it work?
Wi-Fi Jungle

You may experience this problem as "Slow Wi-Fi connection" or "Bad coverage in some rooms".

No More Weak Wi-Fi Performance

With one tap, Ambeent focuses on ”you” and tunes your modem to solve any interference related problem you may have. Begin your movie in living room and finish it in bed, Ambeent will understand and make sure you have the fastest experience available.

Better Together

Once you opt in for better Wi-Fi, spread the word to your neighbors. Ambeent AI is collaborative and provides even faster connection all together.

Why use Ambeent?
AI Powered Performance
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for fast decision making and forecasting based on user patterns and radio frequency measurements data.
Future Ready
Ambeent’s technology focuses on the development of mechanisms to ensure co-existence of Wi-Fi and emerging technologies such as LTE-U, LAA-LTE, and MulteFire.
No Hardware or Upgrade Required
Unlike other solutions available, the Ambeent user never purchases or installs an additional hardware. Just tap and tune.
Open Solution for All
The app offers compatibility with all major operators and works on all Wi-Fi protocols without any country restriction.
User Focused
Ambeent’s AI technology is “user centric” which means it understand where you are in the home and tailors the experience.
Ambeent apps within a specific range increases each other's overall user’s performance.
Unleash the potential of your Wi-Fi.
Recent News
- Telecom Council nominates Ambeent for "The Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solutions" at 2019 SPIFFY
- Ambeent received "Seal of Excellence” Certificate from European Commission.
- Ambeent Wi-Fi is selected TOP FIVE in "Startup of the Year” award of Mobile World Congress. Two year in a row: MWC Shanghai 2019, MWC Americas 2018.
Please dowload our white paper to get more information.